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Stadsvandring & Audiotur i Gamla Stan för barn och Vuxna - Gamla Stans Guide App

The Self-Guided Walking Tour Of Stockholm's Old Town - Great For All Ages!


A self-guided historical city walk in the Old Town with ghosts from the past...

First page of Ghost Walk Stockholm's mobile view in English
English version of the start page of the Ghost Walk Stockholm mobile view
5 stars on Google
Gamla Stans Guide App - 5 stjärnor på Google

Download from App store or Google Play!
Ghost walk with video quiz included!

Price SEK 49
The audio guide is intended for mobile and tablet.
You use your own headphones. 
"A relaxed way to explore the Old Town! Fun, engaging and unforgettable for the whole family!"


Stadsvandring - Gamla Stans Familje Guide App Logga
App screens - Gamla Stans Guide App, English version

Read more about what our Guide App contains here »

Our thrilling, dramatised ghost tour consists of 11 different events in Stockholm's history, filled with incredible adventures, amazing facts and ghastly ghosts from the past...

Everything to create an engaging and unforgettable experience for all ages!

With our Guide App you can easily learn more about Stockholm's history and the Old Town in an easy way. How was it to live in the Old Town in the middle Ages? How did it smell? Let our guides, Callux and Aurora take you on a dramatised audio tour where you will hear about everything from toilets and toothaches to terrible human fates.

Experience the creepy stories behind the ghosts and unsavory spirits that still roam the dark alleys of the Old Town...

Mycket blod har flutit i Gamla Stan...
Gustav III - Spökvandring Stockholm & Gamla Stans Guide App


• Our unique, self-guided walking tour is a fantastic way to learn more about Old Town and Sweden's history - in an exciting, dramatised way! 
• The guided tour in and around the Old Town is 2.2 km long and takes about 1 1/2 hours. The historic walk has 11 events marked on a GPS map that shows you exactly where you are and how to get to the next stop.
• You can stop and take a break whenever you want. You decide when you want to start again - just press the play button! You can even split the self-guided tour over several days if you want!


Discover the secrets of Stockholm's Old Town!

Our guides transport you back in history with the help of your personal audio guide! With the latest technology, we let you experience the most important events firsthand! A unique and entertaining historic (ghost) audio tour for all ages!

• The GPS-map on your mobile or tablet constantly shows where you are and where to go.

• Each event plays automatically as you approach the correct stop on the map.

• Do you want information about cafes, restaurants, museums or perhaps how to get to and from Gamla Stan with local transport? That and much, much more is also included in our Gamla Stan Guide App.

Gamla Stan för Barn - Gamla Stans Guide App
Gratis Audiotur i Gamla Stan för barn och vuxna
Spökvandring Stockholm - Ruskig Historisk  Vandring i Gamla Stan för nyfikna barn och modiga vuxna. Ladda ner Gamla Stans Guide App från Google Play & App Store


Be there when it happened!

Is there really a rune stone in Gamla Stan? What was exactly was found in the potato cellar? Why is there a door, straight out into the water and who are the ghosts at the bath...

What happens when children from the 21st century travel back to the Middle Ages - without mobile phones...
Follow the adventures of Callux and his older sister Aurora and you find yourself in the middle of a different Old Town, filled with strange odours, creatures in the streets and ghost from the past!


A historical ghost walk with modern GPS technology!

Stockholm's Old town can be a scary place! During our guided tour, you will come face-to- face with ghost from the past. Who are they and why do they linger? Discover more about the terrifying tales of Gamla stan's lost souls. 

Of course, it is not possible to take a walk in the historic Old town without ghosts appearing! Now you get to know the stories behind them. Many terrible, true tragedies have happened in and around Gamla stan. What if we travel back in time and get to be there for ourselves, exactly when it happened?

Gratis spökvandring i Gamla Stan - Gamla Stans Guide App

Exciting & so much fun! A new and modern way to find out more about the history of the Old Town + a guide that made us discover a lot we would have otherwise missed! Thanks for a great job!

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The Oskarsson family

Vill du veta mer om Stockholms Blodbad? Lyssna då på audioguiden du hittar på Gamla Stans Guide App!
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