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A city walk in Stockholms Old town by children - for children!


Malva & Astor Cederlund creators Gamla Stans Guide App

Astor & Malva Cederlund, creators Gamla Stans Guide App

Price 49 Sek

Ghost Walk Old town & Gamla stan Guide
Easy to download & use at your convenience!

After participating in many city walks and guided tours in Sweden and abroad, Malva and Astor Cederlund decided to give it a go and create their own historical tour of Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Historical Ghost Walk, Gamla Stan, Stockholm for kids - Gamla Stans Guide App


Malva and Astor Cederlund - Gamla Stans Guide App

Our grandparents lived for a time at Stora Hoparegränd in the Old Town, and we've 
heard so many stories about everything that happened in the Gamla Stan, that it just felt natural to tell more people about it!

When we had created the guide exactly the way we wanted it, we first tested it on lots of friends and their parents. Then it spread, and eventually even older relatives and friends became interested. Initially, we created the Gamla Stan Guide App for kids, but we quickly discovered that adults too really liked it! So many people of different ages have now used our guide for Gamla Stan, so we dare say it's for everyone! From 6 years old, as some episodes in the historic audio tour can be a bit scary for younger children.
We are Swedish but have lived our whole lives in Amsterdam, so in addition to Swedish, we also speak Dutch and English. The fact that we live outside Sweden has also made it easier to decide which events and places we wanted to show in our Gamla Stan guide. We have walked around the Old Town with Dutch and English friends many times so we know what they think are the most exciting events and fun things to know more about in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, and that is what we included in our guide!

Hope you like our Ghost Walk!
Malva & Astor Cederlund
Stockholm City Walk for all ages - Gamla Stans Guide App
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