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Audio Walking Tour In Stockholm's Old Town - Ghost Walk Stockholm

The Self-Guided Walking Tour of Stockholm's Old Town - Great for All Ages!


Your personal mobile app for exploring Stockholm's Old Town - Gamla Stans Guide App
Gamla Stans Guide App - Your guide to the Old Town, Stockholm
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The self-guided walking tour of Stockholm's Old Town in your pocket - Gamla Stans Guide App

A unique and exciting historical Ghost walk & Old Town Guide - all in one app!

Price 49 Sek
Easy to download and use at your convenience!

The Historical Ghost walk is designed for mobile phones and tablets.
You use your own headphones. 

"It made exploring Stockholm's Old Town relaxed, fun, and unforgettable for the whole family!"


App screen for Gamla Stans Guide App
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Blood stains

Our thrilling, dramatised audio tour consists of 11 different events in Stockholm's history, filled with incredible adventures, amazing facts and ghastly ghosts of the past ...

Everything to create an engaging & unforgettable experience for all ages!


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• Our unique audio guide is a fantastic way to learn more about the Gamla stan (the Old Town) and Sweden's history - told in a dramatised, modern and thrilling way!
• The guide tour in and around the Old Town is 2.2 km long and takes approx. 1 1/2 hours. The self-guided walk has 11 events marked on a GPS map that shows you exactly where you are and how to get to the next stop.

• You can stop and take a break whenever you want. You decide when you want to start again - just press the play button! You can even divide the self-guided tour over several days if you want!


 The secrets of Stockholm's Old town!

Our guides will transport you back in history and let you experience the most important events firsthand! A unique, modern and entertaining historic (ghost) audio tour for all ages!
• Get to know the history of Stockholm's Old Town in a new way! Our audio guide will give you a different perspective of life in "Gamla Stan" centuries ago. Our dramatised historical walking tour is fun, engaging and a little bit scary...
• Walk when it's convenient for you and at your own pace! Always available, in all weather and in all seasons!

• No problem taking a break or stop for ice cream, coffee or lunch!
• Modern technology makes it incredibly easy to follow the map.
• Included in our "Gamla Stans Guide App" you'll find useful information about unique Gamla Stan shops! Just as fun for kids as for adults!
• Our "Gamla Stan Guide App" is packed with lots of personal tips about the most delicious waffles, the tastiest ice cream and the best restaurants and much, much more!
Join The historical Ghost Walk in Stockholm's Old Town - Ghost Walk Stockholm
Viking in the Old Town - Ghost Walk Stockholm
13 Maj Guidetur - Film Malva o. Astor i


Get a glimpse into history, just when it all happened!

Is it true that there is a runestone in the Old Town? What exactly was discovered in the potato cellar? Why is there a door leading right into the water and who are the ghosts at the bath...
What happens when children from the 21st century end up in the Middle Ages, without their mobile phones? Follow our young guides, Callux and his older sister Aurora, on their adventures, and you'll find yourself in a different but fascinating Old Town, filled with strange odours, creatures on the streets, incredible human destinies and unlikely events.


A thrilling time travel adventure with Ghost from the past...

Stockholm's Old Town can be a scary place! During our guided tour, you will also hear about ghosts from the past. Who are they, and why do they linger? Discover more about the terrifying tales of Gamla Stan's lost souls.

It's not possible to do a walk in the historic Old Town without ghosts appearing! Now you get to know the story behind it. Many awful, true tragedies have happened in and around Gamla Stan. What if we could go back in time and listen to what really happened?
Ghost in Gamla Stan, Stockholm - Ghost Walk Stockholm
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